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THE HEART COMPANY - Beauty products that speak to your heart.

Let´s spread Love & Kindness together
The Heart Company is all about love and kindness. We believe that true beauty comes from a place of love and that our products reflect that. With every product, we aim to spread beauty, promote self-love, and inspire kindness.
We´re profoundly touched by the idea that beauty, love, and kindness have no cultural barriers. These emotions are universally cherished. With great emotion and passion, we craft our beauty products. We're committed to a beauty that resonates with hearts around the world.


It all started with a heart...

The heart emblem in the logo represents the femininity & emotionality of our females founded brand. It symbolizes the dedication to making each product with heart & passion. 

Our new 100% vegan fragrance line for women is inspired by real life. A new approach to perfume. It’s about fun, good vibes, positivity, kindness and daily inspiration. The unique scents can be layered and used upon mood. KINDNESS in a bottle is a special creation within the unique perfume collection. We're excited that you can now spread kindness - to yourself and others - through fragrance! For every KINDNESS perfume sold we'll donate 1 USD to support The Love and Kindness Project Foundation. Thank you for helping create a kinder world. Kindness, in all its many forms, truly is beautiful.


With love & kindness,

The Heart Company team

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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