THE HEART COMPANY - We're all about beauty & positivity!

Our self-care beauty brand story began with a simple desire:


We wanted to create a lovely online destination dedicated to offering self-care beauty products at an affordable price - all designed with LOVE.  

As best friends and DIY enthusiasts, we often shared our experiences about our daily beauty routines. We both love everything DIY beauty products and self-care. 

It all started with a heart...

The heart emblem in our logo represents the femininity & emotionality of the brand. It also symbolizes our dedication to making each product with heart & passion. All products are designed to spread good vibes and to underline your beauty and confidence.

Since we very much believe that beauty is being the best possible version of ourselves from the inside & out, we came up with the idea to also link a virtual coaching program to our online beauty destination.

As a beauty & positivity company, it's our commitment to combine inner & outer beauty in a fun and heartfelt way. Our diverse team loves to provide you with premium beauty products and great customer service every day! Seeing your happy smiles, just makes us love what we do!

Let's share beauty & positivity around the world!


K & I

We're always happy to hear from you!


Kristina Rasmussen

Co-Founder & Chief Heart Officer

I believe in:

„Positivity, emotional intelligence, tradition & innovation and in the rewards of life-long learning".      

Kristina enjoyed working in human resources and communications consulting as a senior executive in the media, entertainment and luxury industries. In her different professional roles she has worked and lived in New York City and across Germany. Over the last years Kristina has specialized in coaching with the focus on helping Millennials in their career choices. She thrives in multicultural work environments and loves the people side of business. In her free time, Kristina does not miss any of her favorite podcasts and enjoys taking long walks with her friendly labrador. She likes spending time with her husband and her little son, who fill her heart with gratefulness every day!

Imke Norden

Co-Founder & Chief Heart Officer 

I believe in:

„Kindness & empathy, optimistic mindsets, and in the incredible opportunities of our transformational times.“

Imke has worked in different roles in marketing, business development & finance for global companies based in Europe and the Middle-East. She has lived in France, Sweden and the USA and speaks five languages. Imke very much enjoys working with people from all around the world and strongly believes that achieving personal fulfillment in life and business requires you to be passionate about what you do. In her free time, Imke likes dancing, swimming and reading anything that she can get her hands on. She loves to spend time with her husband and her little daughter, who make her heart smile every single day!